Thank you for participating in my exclusive Beta Readers’ Launch Team program. There are only about twenty of you, personally selected by me due to your enthusiasm for my work and previous positive feedback, for which I’m truly grateful.

My newest book, The Opus Dictum, is now ready for your reading and review. There are three parts to this program:

First, click on the button below to download the ebook for any device you prefer; then read the book as soon as you can—but no later than December 20, please. as publication will be the first week of January.

Second, once you have finished the book, complete a brief survey at this link (don’t worry, I’ll send it again in a follow-up email or you can bookmark this page). 

Third, send me your review of the book, which I can use for pre- and post-publication publicity. I may also ask you to post your review on Amazon when the book is available there.

By downloading this book—and remaining on my Beta Readers’ Launch Team for all future books—you agree to these terms, with sincere appreciation for your time and help.