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And Every Word Is True

Newfound documents reveal Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" is not the end of the story—and the legal battle Kansas waged to suppress their publication.

By Gary McAvoy 

With a Foreword and Personal Stories by Ronald R. Nye, son of Harold R. Nye, Former Director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation 

To be published in Spring 2019. 

Early Reviews

“'And Every Word Is True' kept me absolutely spellbound. In painstaking detail, McAvoy has peeled back the underlying layers of a story we thought we already knew. I couldn’t put it down!”

✏️ Michael Ohoven, Oscar-nominated producer of the 2005 film Capote starring Philip Seymour Hoffman; CEO of Infinity Media

"'And Every Word is True' will take you back to that night in Holcomb, Kansas, November of 1959, when two hard-luck men slaughtered an entire family in their farmhouse for a few meager dollars—changing forever our definitions of fear, safety, and how we sleep at night. Now, Gary McAvoy's scrupulously researched book shines new light on some of the conclusions drawn by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation—and later endorsed by Truman Capote's classic 'In Cold Blood.' McAvoy has done a great job of bringing to life a history that is still alive and still terrifying, and now, perhaps, even richer." 

✏️ T. Jefferson Parker, Edgar Award-winning author of Silent Joe, California Girl, and The Room of White Fire

“As deputy sheriff in Garden City at the time, I can say without reservation that Mr. McAvoy has done admirable work here. He has clarified many of the ‘facts’ in Capote’s book, and pulled back the curtain to expose many contradictions in the Clutter investigation.”

✏️ Keith Denchfield, former Deputy Sheriff of Finney County, Kansas, and son-in-law of Undersheriff Wendle & Josephine Meier

"With a passion, tenacity, and respect for facts that would make original investigator Harold Nye proud, Gary McAvoy has joined forces with Nye’s son, Ronald, to challenge the official story of the notorious Clutter family murders, the same version Truman Capote chronicled in his sensational bestseller 'In Cold Blood.' Using a combination of reverence for accuracy, old-fashioned gumshoe gutsiness, and his own considerable writing skills, McAvoy has exhaustively researched, fought for, and produced a book that will keep the reader gripped until the very last word—and this time, all the words are true.”

✏️ Tawni O’Dell, New York Times bestselling author of Back Roads, an Oprah's Book Club selection

“Sure to provoke debate, Gary McAvoy’s book is simultaneously wonderful and unsettling. Criminal justice professionals will find nuggets to be mined as he challenges us to leave our comfort zones. Casual readers of true crime will be spellbound. No matter which “side” you land on, McAvoy’s elegant style is one that even Truman Capote could embrace.”

✏️ Sally J. Keglovits, Supervisory U.S. Probation Officer (retired) and Lecturer in Criminal Justice, DeSales University

“McAvoy was well-placed to spot intriguing inconsistencies in the infamous Clutter murder investigation. His work reminds us to be wise about bias in human narratives, even when they’re beloved classics.”

✏️ Dr. Katherine Ramsland, author of Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer

"With gripping intensity, 'And Every Word is True' is a page-turning thriller that unravels a fascinating web of deception, one as frightening and disturbing as the infamous crime itself. Revealing fresh evidence collected through a variety of sources—most notably the actual notebooks used by KBI detective Harold Nye as he worked tirelessly to solve the case—McAvoy has uncovered never-before-told information that challenges not only the veracity of Capote’s own retelling of the crime, but of the very legal system that prosecuted the case. Since 'In Cold Blood' is a vital part of the course curriculum I teach, such a classic story wouldn’t be complete without having this book as its companion."

✏️ Fran Libra Koenigsdorf, Honors English teacher of In Cold Blood since 1982, Johnson County, Kansas

"Gary McAvoy has an unbridled passion for literature, history and research, which are all on display in vivid detail in 'And Every Word is True,' his collaboration with Ronald Nye that revisits the story of the Clutter family murders that became Truman Capote's 'In Cold Blood.' This is a fascinating account of previously unpublished material regarding the case, kept hidden from the public, journalists and biographers. For enthusiasts of accounts of true crime and mystery, this is a worthy addition to your library."

✏️ Adriana Trigiani, New York Times bestselling author of Big Stone Gap and Kiss Carlo

Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating

By Jane Goodall with Gary McAvoy and Gail Hudson 

Warner Books, 2005


For anyone who's ever wanted to know how to take a stand for a more sustainable world, renowned scientist and bestselling author Jane Goodall delivers an eye-opening call to arms that explores the social and personal significance of what we eat.

In Harvest for Hope, Goodall presents an empowering and far-reaching vision for social and environmental transformation through the way we produce and consume food. With practical, user-friendly chapters—such as "Doing Our Part: Help Farm Animals Live Better Lives," "An Organic Wave Worldwide," and "Eat Local, Eat Seasonal"—and a comprehensive resource guide, readers will discover the dangers behind many of today's foods, along with the extraordinary individual and worldwide benefits of eating mindfully. Harvest for Hope uncovers the choices that support the greater good and will preserve our own health and that of future generations.


"From world-renowned scientist Jane Goodall, as seen in the new National Geographic documentary Jane, comes a provocative look into the ways we can positively impact the world by changing our eating habits. 'One of those rare, truly great books that can change the world.'"

✏️ John Robbins, author of The Food Revolution

"In Harvest for Hope, Jane Goodall convinces us that we should have a new relationship with food, one that is inspiring and delicious, at the same time a preservation of tradition and an act of conservation."

✏️ Alice Waters, author of Ches Panisse Fruit and Chez Panisse Vegetables

"A lucid, anecdote-filled introduction to the world of food, revealing how our food production affects us and how our choices affect the environment... Consider this book the shopping list for you and your children's future."

✏️ Paul Hawken, author of Ecology of Commerce

Cracking the New Economy 

Edited by Gary McAvoy
Washington Software Association, 2000

Cracking the New E-conomy is a book for software entrepreneurs, whether your company is Starting Up, Expanding, or reaching Maturity; it's an incredibly useful book to guide you into twenty-first-century business. You know your specialty, but here you'll find help for succeeding in manufacturing and marketing that specialty.

Advice from some of technology's most knowledgeable marketing, financial, legal, human resources, and sales people for entrepreneurs-- not only in software but in high tech as well, seeking basic business information at all stages of a company from the start-up to the mature company.

Cracking the New E-conomy is a remarkable resource whether you're looking to be the next IPO phenomenon or are simply retooling your company after years in business.


"Cracking the New E-conomy is a handy handbook for software entrepreneurs: comprehensive in coverage and pithy in its content."

✏️ Randall E. Stross, Author of The Wizard of Menlo Park: How Thomas Alva Edison Invented the Modern World 

"Start-up stage entrepreneurs or software engineers jumping into today's high-velocity business climate can spend thousands of dollars for consultants and advisors in law, marketing, sales, and global commerce. Tapping into the voices of experience is an alternative."

✏️ Stuart Glascock, CMP's Tech Web

"...Cracking the New E-conomy is a nuts-and-bolts guide to launching a business, from forming a corporation to picking an exit strategy. Written by 68 experts and edited by Gary McAvoy, the book is divided into four sections, starting with a look at the nature of work today in an Internet economy. The remaining sections focus on the needs of startups, expanding companies and mature companies. Chapters cover accounting practices and how to hire and retain good staff."Within these covers you will hear the voices of experience: in law, marketing, finance, sales, intelligence and global commerce," McAvoy said. "Take heed—and succeed."

✏️ Jeanne Lang Jones,