🔓 Clutter Murder Investigation Timeline

A comprehensive historical timeline spanning 40 years has been provided here for readers seeking relationships between events and the principals involved in the Clutter murder investigation, from Floyd Wells’s service in the US Army in 1945, to the discovery of the victims in November 1959 and events surrounding the KBI investigation, to Truman Capote’s death in August 1984.

Just start scrolling with your mouse or trackpad in the window below to view dates and events.

Helpful instructions to use timeline controls appear beneath the Timeline window.

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How to Use Timeline Controls

»» To scroll using a mouse or trackpad, simply position the cursor anywhere in the window and drag in the desired direction—left or right, up or down.

»» To Search for a specific person, location, or event, type your desired word or phrase in the Enter search term…(1) text box, then press Enter.

»» To change the timeline View perspective, drag the Zoom handle (2). Changing the View perspective to the left condenses the timeline for easier visibility of all events:

»» The Context Bar (below) acts as a horizontal scroll bar for the timeline. The Lens (3) highlights your current position within the timeline, while the remainder of the bar shows you current events in your current view and the surrounding timeline:

»» Drag the Lens (3) to scroll the timeline, or click on any other location on the Context Bar to jump directly to that date. You can also adjust your zoom by resizing the Lens from its left or right edge.

»» To jump ahead or back in the timeline, use the Previous button (4) or the Next button (5).