What’s the connection between the war in Ukraine and the Third Secret of Fatima?

When Pope Francis says he will do “whatever is necessary” to end the war in Ukraine, that is exactly what he means…

POPE FRANCIS: “The Holy See is ready to do whatever is necessary, to place itself at the service of this peace.”

Until now, the Pope’s efforts have taken the form of diplomatic exchanges, humanitarian aid, prayer and fasting. But there’s more to come. On Friday March 25 [2022], in the Vatican, Pope Francis [consecrated] both Russia and Ukraine to the Sacred Heart of Mary. On the same day, Konrad Krajewski, the cardinal sent by the Pope as his special envoy to Ukraine recently, [presided] over the same solemn consecration at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, in Portugal.

Fatima. Rome. Russia. Ukraine. All connected by a common thread: Mary the Mother of God.

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